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{My Wedding} The engagement date is set

The most auspicious day in the latter part of 2013 has been set for Jay and my engagement ceremonies. And guess what … it is in four weeks. Little under a month to go, and I have decided on absolutely nothing! I mean come on! Well, I lie, I have decided that I want our … Continue reading

{Planning} Punjabi Gujarati Engagement Ceremony

So what do you do when you are a Punjabi, marrying into a Gujarati family? There are another set of traditions that you will have to adhere to that’s what that means. You have got to love the week long affairs, it is just like an extended wedding day; full of parties, family, celebrations, food … Continue reading

{Advice} Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer weddings can be so difficult to organise. It’s obviously the height of wedding season so you can expect to pay a premium for everything you want. Accommodation will be booked up faster than usual, guests will be off on their holidays and, being the UK, it will probably rain. Don’t let that put you … Continue reading

{Advice} Wedding Day Disasters

Disasters are bound to happen on your wedding day. The one day you want to look your best, when there are cameras everywhere pointing at you, and what do you know? You can see the Eeyore tattoo through your dress, you’re hair dye went green and your tan went orange. There are solutions to these … Continue reading

{Advice} Starting a Wedding Blog

Whether you’re allowing yourself three months or three years to plan your wedding, keeping track of everything you do can be tough. Then, when it’s all over, it’s so quickly forgotten. Sure, you will try to remember every little detail, but life has a habit of pushing the important things out of your head in … Continue reading

{Inspiration} Black and Gold Wedding Inspiration

Good morning my lovelies, today we are back with our glorious inspiration boards and boy did we come back with a bang! This black and gold theme is chic, sexy and stylish, not to mention elegant and classy. ♥ This Bridal Sari makes a statement and demands attention. It is not the traditional bridal sari, … Continue reading

My wedding from scratch Pt1: Ready, Set, Go ..

Now, seven months into engaged life, and the excitement is hardly wearing off, but the longer I put off planning our wedding the less likely it is going to conjure itself. If I had a fairy god mother and a nice big pumpkin – I’ll be all set. Image Credit: Wedding Planning What’s first? Idea … Continue reading

{Advice} How to choose my wedding flowers

Choosing the flowers to have and to hold at your wedding is a pretty big decision. You can get so bogged down in the traditional meanings of the different species of flower that you end up in a horrible muddle and choose an arrangement you don’t really like. Here are some simple tips to help … Continue reading

The top three dream wedding cars

The chances are that on your wedding day you’re going to need to move from one place to another. Sure, you could book yourself a cab, but wouldn’t you rather turn a few heads? Here is a list of the top 3 dream wedding cars to keep you at the centre of everyone’s attention whether … Continue reading

How about a UK Honeymoon

It might not seem so at the moment with the crazy snow-storms, rain and chilling wind, but the UK boasts some of the most gorgeous honeymoon destinations from across Europe. Don’t expect to get the best for a bargain though, while you might not be paying air fares and taxes a UK holiday can be … Continue reading

Wedding Favour ideas

While many see it as a typically American custom, the giving of wedding favours actually originates from Europe. Wedding guests would traditionally expect to receive a small box full of sugar cubes or sugared almonds to thank them for attending the event. The favours, which are normally presented as guests sit down to the wedding … Continue reading

{Advice} All about the wedding list

It is almost universally accepted that when getting married a couple will create a wedding gift list. This helps to avoid the situation where you end up with two bread makers, three toasters and a butter dish shaped like a cow. Where you choose to make your list is so important. You’ll want to choose … Continue reading

{Advice} Bridal bootcamp to whip you in shape

Every woman wants to look the absolute best she can on her wedding day. For many of us this includes shifting a few pounds or tightening up all those wobbly bits. So what are the best ways to get in shape for the all-important wedding day? Diet I don’t necessarily mean you should go to … Continue reading

Bizarre Wedding Themes

Most of us will choose a colour theme and a broad style when planning a wedding. Something subtle which allows the love and lifelong commitment which the day truly stands for to take centre stage. Then again, some people want their wedding to be a bit more showy. Here are some of the most bizarre … Continue reading

{Inspiration} London up ya wedding

Good morning Shaadi-Esque, hasn’t it been such a nice day? Something that we never quite thought about before is that we are based in London, but we haven’t ever talked about it at all… especially when it opens up such inspiration for Brides and Grooms around. Image Credit: London Wedding Bus, London Wedding Phone Booth … Continue reading

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